Grande Prairie & Area Block Parent Association

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the role of Administrative Support?

Paper Paper Paper, every organization has paper that needs to be filled out, filed and stored.  As a member of the administrative support team you would be responsible for managing our documents, assisting with typing, maintaining our membership database, assisting with the newsletter and other duties to assist the board of directors.  The time commitment for the Administrative Support Team would vary based on the operations of the organization.

What is the role of Community Team Leaders?

As we have adopted a regional approach for the organization we do need leaders in the outlying communities.  As a Community Team Leader you would be responsible to assist the Board of Directors with local operations in your community.  Greeting new Block Parents, being a local resource if members need assistance, keeping the Board of Directors advised if community events are planned that would benefit from a Block Parent presence.  The time commitment for a Community Team Leader would vary based on the number of members in your community.  If the duties require the Board of Directors may establish Block Captains to assist the Community Team Leader.

What is the role of Board Members?

Oversee the association and program operations.  As an incorporated society in Alberta this is a legal requirement, the day-to-day operations of the organization is run by the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors hold monthly meetings to plan for the organization, all members are welcome and encouraged to participate in these meetings.  Please Contact Us to find out when the next meeting is.

What is the role of Fundraisers?

The association need sustainable ongoing funding to operate, SHOW ME THE MONEY!  As a fundraiser you would help the Board of Directors by contacting local businesses for donations, seeking grants and working to ensure we have sustainable funding to continue operating the Block Parent program.

What is the role of Program Ambassadors?

Promote the Block Parent program at public events and recruit new members.  As the face of the Block Parent program you would attend events in the community promote the program and recruit new members.

What is the role of Safety Identification Clinic Technicians?

Register, Interview & Process ID packages for our community.  We have our EZChild ID system, now we need people to run it.  Families attending a Safety Identification Clinic need to be registered, interviewed and have their packages created.  All training will be provided.  Typical clinics last 4 hours and take place at various community venues, volunteers will need to pickup equipment before and drop off equipment after each clinic.

What is the role of School Program Facilitators?

Teach our community what the Block Parent program is about.  The Block Parent program has created three different educational programs for various age groups.  Volunteers should be comfortable speaking to children, the program are geared for kindergarten, grades 1 to 3 and 4 to 6.  Presentations typically take no more than an hour and are usually scheduled during the school day.

Thank you for your interest in the Grande Prairie & Area Block Parent Association.  This page has been designed to answer the questions we are frequently asked in the hope we can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about our organization.

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